YNEPF 2024 Competition Calendar

All competitions are sanctioned by the Yorkshire and North East Powerlifting Federation and will therefore be compliant with the IPF Technical Rules and Approved Kit list.  Qualifying totals for national championships may be achieved at all sanctioned competitions.

Entries Closed
YNE March Open
02-03/03/2024 • Riccall Regen Centre, York
Entries open: 02/03/2024
North East Strength Culture
27/04/2024 • NESC, Darlington
Entries open: 30/03/2024
YNE Sub/Juniors Championships
25/05/2024 • Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington
Entries open: 13/04/2024
Implexus Open
09/06/2024 • Implexus Gym, Leeds
Entries open: 08/06/2024
YNE Novice
03-04/08/2024 • Riccall Regen Centre, York
Entries open: July, 2024
YNE Masters & Bench Championships
September, TBA • TBA
Entries open: 07/09/2024
YNE November Open
02-03/11/2024 • Riccall Regen Centre, York
Entries open: November, 2024
YNE January Open



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