The Committee

Meet the new exec members!  The exec committe is a team of volunteers who have been elected to run the division.

Carole O’Neil – YNE Chair:

I stumbled across powerlifting quite by accident, after finding a love of lifting for general fitness / aesthetic reasons. After doing my first competition (the YNEPF Novice) in late 2017, I was well and truly hooked. During an 18 month assignment for work, I was lucky enough to compete with the newly-established IPF affiliate in Australia who, having only recently been set up, had much lower QTs than we have here. This gave me the opportunity to compete at international level (something that I can only dream of doing at home), and brought me great experiences, as well as some new friends for life! I'm excited to work with the rest of our awesome Exec team now that I am home, to build on our division's great reputation! 

Mitch Weiner – YNE Secretary:

Hi there! My name is Mitch and I'm the YNEPF Secretary. In 2016 whilst at University, I can across this wonderful sport and have never looked back. From the first time I stepped foot into the Hirst Welfare Centre in Ashington I was absolutely hooked! This sport has helped me grow in ways I could never have imagined. It welcomed me with open arms and I fully immersed myself in it both through competing and becoming a referee. The joy I get from talking to lifers at comps and then seeing them progress is unlike any other! If you see me at a comp don't hesitate to have a chat or alternatively just message me on any form of social media!

Lisa Liddy - YNE Records Registrar

I have been a member of YNE for over six years now, and entered my first competition in April 2015. I have competed in every British Masters Classic since 2016 and currently hold the YNE M1 -72kg bench record with a press of 80kg. After volunteering on the table for most of my first year, I joined the executive as Records Registrar in December 2015.


Joanne Barnes - YNE DCO:

I started lifting with Doncaster Allrounders in 2011, first competing in 2012. I have been lucky enough to win four British titles, 2 classic and 2 equipped. Recently I have competed for England in the Four Nations and Team GB in the European Masters Championships, winning silver. I've just had my first anniversary as a referee. 

Becky Martin – YNE Media Officer:

My first powerlifting competition was in 2016, and since then I have competed in local YNE competitions, been lucky enough to qualify and compete in 2 British Championships and placed 3rd in the British Masters in 2019. 

James McGill - YNE Technical Officer


Amanda Howes – YNE Equipment Manager:

I started powerlifting in 2019 and fell in love with the sport instantly. I competed in my first powerlifting competition with Ynepf in July 2019, achieving first place in the +84kg division. And I have been competing ever since. I own & run a small private PT studio at home and love introducing lifting into peoples lives.

Gemma Surtees - YNE Treasurer:

I started powerlifting in November 2015 and have loved it ever since. I have competed in two national competitions (including the women’s British championships) as well as a few YNE divisionals. I am taking over the role of Treasurer on the committee and I’m hoping my full time job as a Chartered Accountant (and Auditor) will help me with this.




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