Welcome to the Yorkshire and North East (YNE) Powerlifting website. The YNEPF was founded in 1928 as the YAWWA and nowadays runs Powerlifting and Bench Press competitions, both equipped and unequipped (in which no supportive equipment other than a belt and wrist wraps may be worn) throughout Yorkshire and the North East.


The governing body of our sport in the UK is British Powerlifting, which is affiliated to the IPF.


A large amount of information can be found on the website, however, you can also find us on Facebook by searching for the YNEPF Group or for the YNEPF Page.


You are never too young or old to make a start in powerlifting, competitors aged 14 upwards are welcome. Equally, you are never too old. Several 70+ competitors still represent Britain internationally, and many ‘masters’ lifters only take the sport up in their 40s or 50s. Powerlifting is a great sport, with an unrivalled camaraderie which promotes health, strength and vitality.



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