Forming a Club

Why form a club?

1) If you have a club you have a strong identity and a group of people who share a common purpose. This is a strength. A club can call on the help of the division, and will have voting rights in our division. Clubs can have help with getting equipment, coaching, funding and general support. It only takes two or three people to form a club. The club can have members who are non-lifters and volunteers (very valuable).

2) A certificate of affiliation is granted and this can help with fundraising and grants. If we have local clubs that are set up in the correct manner then they will be eligible for local funding and will be able to apply for grants. 

3) You need a chairman, secretary, and treasurer. It does not have to be a big job; if the club is small, the job is small. As the club grows it might need a constitution and a formal AGM with the election of officers. It is hoped that powerlifting will get NGB status and be able to apply for government funding.

3) The YNEPF has club formation in their strategic plan, and may be able to offer input into clubs in the form of help, advice, coaching and short-term equipment loan.



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