The Committee

The exec committe is a team of volunteers who have been elected to run the division.

Richard Caine 


I started powerlifting by accident, during a trip to Atlanta where I bumped into the local powerlifting team, lifting out of Quest Gym and started my initial foray into lifting. Upon my return to the UK, I got in contact with my local club and started lifting with them. Within the last year, I've made the transition from raw to equipped lifting. My role within the committee is to manage the day-to-day business of the division, determining the long-term direction / strategy within the division and aiding other committee members as required.

Chris Godfrey


I have been training seriously in Powerlifting for the last 2 years. I originally started lifting weights in my late teens at the original home of the Doncaster Allrounders club. I made my competitive debut at the YNE Juniors and Masters in 2016 and was totally hooked!! Since then I have competed at the British Masters where I came 3rd in the -120kg M1 class. I have been Secretary for the YNE since December 2016.

Lisa Liddy

Records Registrar

I have been powerlifting for almost two years now, and entered my first competition in April 2015. I placed third at my first national competition, the British Masters Classic, in 2016 and currently hold the YNE M1 -72kg bench and bench (a/c) records. After volunteering on the table for most of last year, I joined the executive as Records Registrar in December 2015.

Joanne Barnes


I started lifting with Doncaster Allrounders in 2011, first competing in 2012. I have been lucky enough to win four British titles, 2 classic and 2 equipped. Recently I have competed for England in the Four Nations and Team GB in the European Masters Championships, winning silver. I've just had my first anniversary as a referee. 

Tony Hollands


Carole Springett


Fred MacKenzie

James McGill

Andrew Richardson

Student Rep

Hollie Johnson


I started powerlifting in late 2014 and was hooked after my first competition in February 2015. I compete in raw/classic powerlifting and benchpress. As part of the YNEPF committee I am responsible for website and media duties.



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